KPovModeler for Linux

For most of the modelers, POV-Ray is nothing but a rendering engine and they bring a lot of limitations to the innate possibilities of POV-Ray scripted language. This is not the case for KPovModeler which allows you to use all the features of POV-Ray through the translation of POV-Ray language into a graphical tree. Management of the scene through a graphical tree. Object modification with control points in a graphical view or direct manipulation of object attributes in a dialog. Nonblocking scene rendering with OpenGL as wire frame views. Freely configurable view layout with dock widgets. Copy/paste and drag/drop of (a subset of) povray(!) code into and out of the object tree. Undo and redo. Scene rendering and texture preview with povray inside the program. Support for almost all povray objects. Support for all textures. Prototypes (declarations) and references. All projection modes of the camera.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 1.79 MB
Version 1.1.3
Operating System Linux
System Requirements None