Vue 4 is a powerful 3D application optimized for the creation, rendering and animation of natural scenery. It's unbeatable at 3D scenery, and it's great for other forms of art too! Vue 4 was designed for beginners as well as advanced users. It has been granted many awards for its amazing render quality and incredible ease of use. Vue 4 is the ideal choice for the artist - hobbyist or professional - in search of quality 3D scenery. Instantly create gorgeous atmospheres, carve mountains, grow breathtakingly realistic 3D vegetation using SolidGrowth™2, e-on's unique vegetation system, add water, import fully textured models from other 3D applications, animate them and render... You'll soon find out why Vue d'Esprit has such a solid reputation of being the most easy to use and productive 3D scenery application around! Vue 4 ships on 2 CD's packed full of hundreds of high quality 3D models and presets to get you going right away. It features an extensive set of elaborate tools to give advanced users full control over their creation. Whether you're and experienced 3D artist or a newcomer to animation, you'll be creating breathtaking art within seconds! Use elaborate outdoor lighting algorithms together with some of the most advanced rendering techniques (volumetric effects, lens flares, glowing objects, motion blur, realistic 3D vegetation, soft shadows, blurred reflections, caustics...). Vue 4 produces really "natural"looking pictures. Vue 4 ships with a complete collection of presets. Included are over 250 high quality fully textured 3D models (animals, vehicles, furniture, buildings...), over 300 materials (rocks, liquids, glass, metals...), and over 100 magnificient atmospheres, including sunny days, bad weather, susnets, night time, unusual effects, animated atmospheres, plus, of course, a set of gorgeous volumetric atmospheres... Use the impressive library of over 100 cloud shapes to rapidly customize skies to your wildest requirements. Learn from the best by studying over 50 magnificient scenes created by some of the best Vue artists around. Easily add lens flare effects to improve the realism of your renders. Assign and manage Default lens flares for consistent results. Lens flare effects are generated on the fly during render, so you don't have to wait for the render to complete to be able to judge the effect. Customize the lens flare effects using the Lens Flare Editor. Add realistic stars and planets with a click. Instantly recreate all the planets of the solar system, adjust phase, luminosity and softness. Create a star dome and adjust the number and brightness of stars. Add color variations and lens flares to the stars for increased variety. Automatically create atmospheric effects such as rainbows and ice rings. SolidGrowth™ is e-on's unique vegetation synthesis and rendering technology. It is has achieved worldwide acknowledgement as the most efficient and realistic vegetation system around. This new version of SolidGrowth increases realism by simulating the different color tones found in nature, and creating even more complex models. Vue 4 ships with 30 different vegetation species (you can get more), including the amazing new Aralia, Bamboo, Cherry tree, Excellent, Large Dead Tree, Primrose and Sea Weed. Solid3D™ is our new, super-fast real-time 3D terrain modeling technology that is sufficiently fast to let you model terrains directly in the 3D preview. Airbrush style tools have been added, together with a special Effects type brushes that allow you to paint any of 16 different effects directly on the terrain (e.g. Fluvial erosion, stones, terraces...). The random rock generator automatically creates realistic rocks within a click. Just like SolidGrowth vegetation, no two rocks are ever identical. Luminous and glowing materials let you design materials that create a haze of light around them (e.g. the cigar tip opposite). Vue 4 adds a bunch of new material options, such as the ability to disable shadows or anti-aliasing on specific materials, improved backlighting algorithms for translucent materials lit from behind, cylindrical and spherical mapping coordinates for procedural materials, large scale color variations, as well as the ability to create filters that react to the environment. Also, Vue 4 can now simulate caustics in the shadows of refractive objects Vue 4 boasts a completely rewritten render engine that increases performance by approximately 40%! This dramatic increase in rendering speed is noticeable in all scenes! This illustrates our commitment to always offering you the fastest and most optimized tools. Since Vue d'Esprit first appeared, we multiplied rendering speed by over 2!
Operating System Mac OS X 10.1 Mac OS X 10.0 Mac OS X 10.2 Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X