SWF encryption solution for Adobe's Flash and Flex (SWF), it provides three layers encrypt techniques to stop Flash/SWF decompilers and prevent illegal copying and redistribution. Protect all ART media in your flash (SWF), such as Graphics(Bitmap and Shape), MovieClips, Sounds, Videos, Drawing Object, Text Font, ActionScript 2/3 and others in the library. It does not need to write any AS code. The flash preloader is essentially used to prevent partial loading of movie while it plays. A preloader is usually made attractive to the visitor to keep occupied while the full flash movie is loaded in the background. You may easy to create a very excellence Flash preloader without any ActionScript using Flash Preloader & Encryption software.
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Operating System Windows Me Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows 95 Windows NT Windows Windows 98 Windows 2003
System RequirementsAdobe Flash Player 9.0