Do you need to update SWF banner, edit SWF website to bring some changes like hyperlink URL, address or phone number change, text or image update? Have you lost FLA file? No problems, edit SWF file directly. In few mouse clicks you can: Edit or remove any images, text, sounds and scripts used in the SWF movie. Edit hyperlinks, associated with any button in SWF file. Assign new hyperlink to whole SWF banner or to any of its scene part (i.e. create new transparent buttons). Import and export clips, images, shapes, buttons and scripts and place them into the same or another SWF movie. Import whole SWF file into another SWF file, as a movieclip--with ease. Extract graphics and audiotracks from SWF files with preview and save them in an appropriate media formats. Advanced Batch SWF Processing Tools are available: Batch SWF Text Extractor, Batch SWF Text Updater, ActionScript Protector, ActionScript Obfuscator
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows NT Windows Vista
System RequirementsAdobe Flash player; ActiveX control