SpaceCapture is one of the quickest multifunctional scrolling screenshotting tools, with convenient and splendid image editor, to facilitate your office work. It provides additional video frame capture and image concatenation functions. Green, speedy, quick. and amzingly small, less than 2M. 1) extremely fast and convenient in scroll screen capture, it provides 3 manners of capturing modes, you can select any one match your desire. e.g., you can get the area cut clean when it finishes the capture, that means you don't need editing work such as cutting any more. 2) easy and convenient in video frame capture You can capture any video frame, and attach the conseqent captions just below the frame to make movie stories, as you can see from most of movie post blogs. This is a world of we-media, and you need to publish stories, right? 3) image concatenation functions. You can concatenate your images, e.g. multi-images from mobilephone screen shots, to make an elongated one, that is also what we do to make a long story. 4) Minimized resource consumption. We are doing our best to minimize the resource consumption. The software is amzingly samll, less than 2 disk Megabytes; green, you don't need to worry about installation and uninstallation. Just a simple click, that's all it takes. And it is written in pure C combined with windows native api's, no dependence on any other resources. clear and clean. 5) Convenient image editor function. in addition to various shape drawing, you can have art text or general text as you like with easy. For elongated pictures, cutting and editing has never been so convenient as today.
Price USD 25
License Free to try
File Size 469.73 kB
Version 1.02
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements GDI+