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CatDV Pro is the new multi-user media asset database and video logging tool based on the popular CatDV application but adding many additional capabilities of particular interest to professional users. CatDV will catalog any QuickTime media type but works particularly closely with an existing video editing application, such as Avid or Final Cut Pro, to provide automatic scene detection and clip logging. It maintains a catalog of scenes across all your tapes, with both thumbnails and low resolution preview movies, to help you manage and find your footage. Any DV meta data recorded by the camcorder, such as the timecode, date and time of recording or exposure details, is extracted and displayed. Clip data can be imported and exported in a wide variety of formats, including EDLs, batch lists in various formats, XML or tab-separated text. With the optional CatDV Workgroup Server, members of the same team can share their catalogs using a central relational database. Powerful searches across all the clips in the database are possible and a result set is shown consisting of all those clips that match, regardless of which catalog they are in. The CatDV Workgroup Server runs on a separate machine on the local network (either Linux, OS X or Windows) New features in CatDV Pro 3.0 compared to CatDV 2.5 include: workgroup capabilities greatly enhanced searching and filtering (with named filters, regular expressions, and multiple conditions) new search and replace tool additional export formats, including Avid ALE, dpsVelocity, Final Cut Pro and XML unlimited user-defined logging fields JKL jog-shuttle control from the keyboard fully customisable preview settings timezone and clock adjustments to permit accurate correlation of clips from different cameras new Detect Scenes command with adjustable sensitivity enhanced printing capabilities a new timecode calculator improved meta data reporting user interface improvements in clip details and the main window new commands to split and merge clips improved media file handling bug fixes and stability improvements improvements to Live Capture, Movie Export, and presentation of slide shows new help menu links
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Version 3.0
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
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  • Mac OS 9.x
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