iDropper is the tool you've been waiting for. Never has it been so effortless to add new colors to Quark's Color list. Either eyedropper a color right out of any graphic appearing on screen or choose one of 9500 colors that appear in the Color Display Bar shown below. This bar automatically appears when you are using the iDropper tool, showing you the color you are over in 3 shades and giving you the Instant Color Picker for easy color addition. Features include: Select color from any graphic in any application visible on desktop Add as RGB or CMYK Automatically create darker tints (lighter shades are handled by XPress already) Convenient names automatically created but can be easily overridden Invert button to create complimentary colors Algorithmic border shows current color in shades
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • QuarkXPress 4.1 or higher