Badia FullColor XT

FullColor XT enables QuarkXPress users to create and manage colors and blends with the convenience of an interactive palette, offering solutions in interface and functionality that have never been available before. FullColor gives unprecedented freedom in working with colors to designers, production artists and pre-press specialists, saving them time and costly mistakes. Consistent with Badia Software's philosophy, FullColor integrates seamlessly with QuarkXpress, it supports undoing and redoing, and its interface is highly intuitive, customizable and compact. FullColor's set of features lets users: Create, edit, duplicate, replace and delete colors and blends in one step -- right from the FullColor paletteApply colors to objects in several different ways, including by dragging and dropping to the document items or between different parts of the FullColor paletteView all fill, frame and type color attributes of items at once through the interactive color panelsCreate, manage and save blends as color swatches and use them just as usual colorsFilter the color list to display, for example, only solid colors, blends, spot, CMYK, or used colorsChange a color or group of colors to either spot or process with a click of the mouseQuickly change the color model of single or multiple colors directly from the color listUse the same color list to either view and apply colors, or to edit and manage document colors. This is done through an innovative way of displaying the color list, whereby the two different functions are clearly shownExperiment with colors before creating them by using the Mixer. Three color models are supported: CMYK, RGB and Web Safe. FullColor will then name the newly created color by its component breakdownAutomatically paint new objects with the same settings as the last one used, using FullColor's color inheritance preferenceInstantly determine where in the document a certain color is being used, including EPS images and style sheetsMinimize the FullColor palette and "dock" it to a single tab on the top right corner of the document title bar. The palette automatically expands when the mouse hovers over the tabReplace a color with another one without deleting it. Even black can now be substituted with another colorChange the text color of several text boxes at onceFind colors and blends in the document with the ability to narrow the search to certain type of objects
Price USD 60
License Free to try
Version 1.1
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • QuarkXPress 5 or higher