GrabbyWindow Pro provides advanced IPTC editing features combined with the power of the GrabbyWindow filebrowser. It offers a clearly arranged view of IPTC entries, IPTC batch editing, templates with customazable properties, customizable popup menus for every single IPTC field, variables (e.g. aktual date and time). It also allows you to search for IPTC data directly on your hard disk. What is GrabbyWindow? GrabbyWindow is a filebrowser right inside every application, which substantially simplifies viewing, managing and layouting with files. GrabbyWindow makes dragging of files and file contents not only practical but at last also comfortable. Texts and pictures can be effortlessly added into layout programs, text modules used or simply files managed. GrabbyWindow also offers big previews of text and picture files, a source of information with a lot of important file data and an integrated fast search function. A further line up of useful functions make this utility nearly irreplaceable. Features: Extended file info: Exif-digital camera data IPTC-(photoshop file info) image data extended EPS-Data (used colors, used fonts, etc.) image info (dimensions, resolution, clipping pathes, color mode, etc.) Labels View images and movies: create, store and view big previews up to 1024x1024 px Thumbnailbrowser for comfortable image browsing (with filter function to view e.g. only tiff files) play movies and sounds Find files quickly: AND-search Find text content without indexing Find IPTC data Find Labels
File Size3.92 MB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.1 Macintosh
System RequirementsMac OS X 10.1