Flashmode-ITM is a modification of "Flashmode' that works with iTeXMac/TeXniscope (editor/previewer).Notation: In the following the term 'Flashmode' is to be understood to mean 'Flashmode-ITM'.Installation: Install the folders 'Flashmode' and 'Flashmode-ITM' separately in '~/Library/' and drag the icon of the application 'Flashmode-ITM-Scripts', located in Flashmode-ITM/Applications to the Dock. If you already have a folder 'Flashmode' installed, then you can either replace it, or replace/install the subfolders bin, Subroutines and Input-Files. Important: Read also the installation instructions for a proper working of the scripts in the document 'Description of the TeX-Scripts'. Important: If the name of TeXniscope should include a version number, then rename it to 'TeXniscope', since this the name of the application the Applescript commands are directed to.
Price USD29.5
License Purchase
Version 2.0
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.3
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • G5 recommended
  • Flashmode-ITM requires only a fairly complete tetex installation, preferably Gerben Wierda's distribution; iTeXMac (I tested it with v1.3.15) as editor; and TeXniscope v0.3.3or better by Massimiliano Gubinelli as pdf viewer. No further tex scripts are necessary.