Cacidi Extreme

Cacidi Extreme CS5, the market leading design driven automated InDesign document builder, intuitively lets you create advanced catalogues, price lists, stationary, direct mails, and much more based on static or live connected data sources. Updating future productions is even more simple, and happens lightning fast. Cacidi Extreme CS5 is the most advanced and yet easy to use standard software available for automating graphic design. Whether you produce catalogs, brochures, pricelists, business cards, or other single or multipage documents containing text, image and barcode content, Cacidi Extreme CS5 optimizes your production by bringing down tedious and repetitive tasks like copy pasting and local formatting of text, manually importing and scaling images and barcodes, as well as updating content for future productions, to an absolute minimum. Data Assembling Utilizing some of the more advanced AutoCalc methods, products and designs can be placed on the InDesign document directly on a preset page and even on a preset coordinate (or grid tile). Combine Cacidi Extreme CS5 with Cacidi's data and image front-end, LiveEditor, to allow editors all around the world translate descriptions and allocate the correct position for each product in the final catalogue. Update method The Cacidi Extreme Update method applies to all the methods above. No matter what type of production method a first build of your document is based upon, the Cacidi Extreme Update method will at any time let you progressively update text, image and barcode content in your layout, as changes apply to the data source. Practically all Cacidi Extreme customers utilise the Update method, when publishing future editions of their initially automated productions. Direct database connection or text file Cacidi Extreme CS5 allows you to connect directly to a MySQL database for a live feed of data. With no stops in between, you draw data directly from the database during your catalogue production. Cacidi CS5 also let's you connect to alsorts of databases using ODBC connections(a ODBC drive for your datase is required, and sold by third party). Optionally you are able to query directly from Cacidi Extreme CS5 by SQL queries or regular text search directly within your database. Cacidi Extreme CS5 also let's you connect to a xml or flat csv, comma or semicolon separated file.
Price USD 4900
License Purchase
File Size 17.49 MB
Version CS5
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5.6 Intel
System Requirements Adobe InDesign CS5