Autorun Maestro is configurable CD Autorun menu software. With a graphical interface including tooltips and wizards, the menu's appearance and shape can be user configured with independently placed buttons, different screen positions, the ability to show the current time or date, skinnability and transparency, settable tab order and keyboard shortcuts, command searching, button animation, and auto-detection if installation is required to view a CD document. Your Autorun or Autoplay menu can be optionally 3D skinned with StyleSkin. The menu editor has a multi-document interface, undo and redo, intelligent button placing, a full Button Command Wizard, allows for the use of commandline arguments, and compiles your menus into a single application. The buttons on your menus can perform tasks, including launching programs or opening Internet Sites, directories in explorer, sub-menus, creating a pre-addressed email open documents or files.
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows Me Windows 7 Windows 2003 Windows 98 Windows Vista Windows NT Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Windows Server 2008