Pop Up Blocker for Chrome Poper Blocker

Improve how you experience the web in Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers by blocking pop-ups and pop-unders. Poper Blocker intelligently blocks spam pop-ups on any site, including javascript popups and overlays. Poper Blocker is a single-purpose extension that works side-by-side with adblocks, focusing on popups and popunders on Chrome and Chromium browsers. This gives us focus and puts us at an advantage both in terms of accuracy and lightness, beyond your average popup and ad blocker for Chrome browser like Adblock Plus, JavaScript Popup Blocker, AdGuard, Fair Adblocker, uBlock. The Overlay Blacklist feature automatically disables annoying overlays that take over the screen on certain websites, forcing you to log in, restricting access because of your country, or otherwise wasting your time.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7
System Requirements Google Chrome