Crunchyroll Unblocker

Crunchyroll Unblocker allows you to circumvent the region restrictions on and watch anime that is normally only available in the US. The extension should automatically load the US site for you, but in case it doesn't, simply click the the icon in the top right corner to open the US version of the website, if you don't get the US site (if it takes too long to load, or cannot connect to the server), just try again or read the alternative methods below. This extension works by opening a http connection to a php script which obtains a us session id. The extension then copies the id so Crunchyroll believes you are from the US. In case the extension no longer works, you can manually access the US site instead, just find a proxy, clear your cookies (reloading your browser will do), since it saves a US session id, you can just quit out of the proxy and you'll still remain on the US site, even on your own connection, since you still have the US cookies.
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Windows