With data breaches and identity theft on the rise, it is important to protect your personal privacy when using the Web. SearchLock is a search engine that is designed to block unwanted prying when you use the major search engines like Bing,and Google. SearchLock has a web browser extension that works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers, keeping your personal information safe and out of the hands of unauthorized people. Keep yourself and your personal data safe from unauthorized intrusion by installing this groundbreaking browser extension. The extension was developed by the Hawaii-based company Beestripe, LLC. Users around the globe have given it excellent ratings for ease of use and effectiveness, blocking intrusion and interception of critical personal information. Your privacy is safe with the SearchLock. Every time you use a search engine, your search terms and keystrokes are logged, both by the search engine company as well as your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many workplaces also keep tabs on employees, recording every move you make when you use search engines during the workday. SearchLock blocks all attempts to track your Web searches, preventing personally-identifiable information from being collected. It even works if you are logged into a user account, a social media profile, or an email service like Microsoft, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. You can rest assured that your searches are kept private and that your personal information cannot be tracked back to you. SearchLock works by detecting attempts to track users. Once installed, it automatically detects when users are about to perform potentially-unsafe searches and works to prevent the collection of keystrokes. It re-routes search queries to a privacy-enabled, encrypted search results page that only the user can view. The extension does this by employing some of the most advanced encryption methods available, such as SSL implementation and the use of Perfect Forward Secrecy technology. SearchLock itself does not collect, store, or share any personal information through the use of server logs from users, adding another layer of privacy protection. Your searches are kept private, and cannot be decrypted by unwanted prying. Best of all, the extension is free to use and simple to set up without the hassle of having to manually adjust browser settings.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2.3
Operating System Webware
System Requirements Google Chrome