EmbedPlus for YouTube

You can now watch a video with enhanced (DVD-like) playback, and afterwards, even go beyond just YouTube.com comments to engage in reactions from a growing list of active communities. For playback, we've added features that aren't currently provided by the standard YouTube player but were motivated by experience and/or have been requested in different forums on the web. Install the plugin and you'll begin to see features like sweet spot marking, instant replay, scene/video looping, movable zoom and even slow-motion automatically included with the standard player. Use replay to instantly see a scene again. You can even loop the scene or the entire video over and over if it's something you really like to see or hear. Just like how people often put a specific song in repeat, we find ourselves looping song performances we really like but can't find anywhere but on YouTube.com. We're sure you can come up with your own uses. Other features like slow motion and movable zoom can help with accessibility, which is often overlooked in web video. If not, you might at least finding yourself using the features for things like getting a closer or slower look at sports highlights, demos, and tricks that occur far away or quickly. We also recognize that often times, the most enlightening and entertaining discussions around a video are found outside of comments on YouTube.com or even the page on which you are viewing the video. We're building a list of active video communities that you can engage with to react to and discuss the videos you watch. Outside of YouTube.com, these communities include Google+ and Reddit whenever the data is available to us. If you're a member of either of these communities, this reactions feature might even be enough to motivate you to try out our extension so you can experience more of your community. To view, just click the 'React' button on the player during or after watching a video. Note that we're also open to adding more communities, so feel free to contact us and recommend others. In fact, you'll also notice that we've included Twitter reactions and display the most influential ones. Use it to see if and what well-known people might be saying about a video you just watched. Our additional goal is to gather as much social signals from the available communities to augment our sweet spot marking feature, which activates the NEXT/PREV buttons and help you catch the parts of a video generating buzz across the internet.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.3
Operating System Webware
System Requirements Google Chrome