drag2up is an extension for Google Chrome. Drag and drop files from your desktop into any text field to upload them. drag2up makes file sharing on the web as easy as dragging and dropping the file from your computer onto the form you would like to add the file to. The file is automatically uploaded to a host and inserted into the field. drag2up includes support for shortening URLs through goo.gl, bit.ly, tinyurl and many others. Files can be uploaded to imgur, immio, imageshack, snelhest, Flickr, Picasa, TwitrPix, TwitPic, Twitgoo, img.ly, Posterous, gist, Pastebin, Mysticpaste, Chemical Servers, DAFK, min.us, Hotfile, Dropbox, CloudApp, Box.net or Droplr.
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows Windows 2003
System RequirementsGoogle Chrome beta channel