22 Energy

Each person who is interested in his spiritual nature is trying to more deeply understand himself and his destiny in life. Sometimes this understanding does not come. This is what the diagnostic method helps - the Matrix of Destiny 22 Energy. It is calculated by the date of birth of the person. This is a square squared with the main lines of destiny, and the energies that are placed in the corners and inside the matrix are our individual programs.This is an amazing technique that reveals different plans for a persons life, and most importantly, gives the keys to healing the fate of a person; disclosure of his talents, energy and material potential; helps to determine and fulfill the purpose; become a harmonious and holistic personality.The technique is based on 22 energies of the major arcana of the tarot. It is neither numerology nor astrology, although it has much in common with these sciences. If desired, any person is able to master this method.Using the "Matrix of Destiny" method, you can find answers to various questions in your life: questions of money, health, relationships, disclosing talent, patrimonial tasks ...The method is based on 22 Energies of the universe, which are spread in the Universe and in one or another combination act on a persons life. Depending on whether they act in positive or negative, a person observes positive or negative results in his life.There is no such thing that theres no escape from fate ... This method suggests that when we understand the task that this or that energy carries, we can easily begin to change our life.How to understand whether your relationship with one or another energy is positive or negative?The answer is simple - you need to look at the area where it (energy) acts. The description contains both the decoding of energies in plus and minus, and recommendations: how and what to do, what to look for in order to start changing your life in a positive direction.Remember, destiny is not a profession, it has a broader meaning !!!Good luck on the path of revealing your spiritual nature!
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