bhyve lite

Have you ever wondered how long to run your sprinklers to adequately water your landscape? The b-hyve Lite app gives you the programming help you need for any brand of sprinkler controller. It uses your zip code to know how much water is needed based on historical weather data for your area and gives you a month by month schedule with run times, watering days/intervals, and water budget or seasonal adjustment. It requires a few simple user inputs to give you the schedule: sprinkler head type, plant type, and soil type. Once those are entered you are on your way to delivering the right amount of water to your plants.How it works:Using similar WaterSense technology of the b-hyve Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller, the b-hyve lite app uses historical evapotranspiration data to determine how much water is lost or used by the plant each day and how often it needs to be replenished based on the plants water needs. It takes an average precipitation rate based on your sprinkler head type to determine how quickly and how much water is being replenished when you water and gives you the right run time to fill up your soil reservoir without wasting water due to runoff. You can also use the award-winning catch cup irrigation audit tool, built right into the b-hyve lite app, to accurately measure how much water your sprinklers use to save you more water.Make life easier:The b-hyve lite app was launched to make your life easier while saving you water and money. However, if changing your clock settings or hitting rain delay on your timer isnt what you want to spend your time doing, the b-hyve Wifi Smart Sprinkler Timer will do all of this for you automatically. If you connect a b-hyve Wifi Sprinkler Timer, you can also run your sprinklers from your phone tablet or computer.B-hyve owners - Get the *bhyve* app for free to connect and control your timer.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.3 and up