Dreams AgendaPlan. Act. Succeed.Don't let your dreams be just dreams. Transform your ideas and aspirations into reality, tangible results using Dreams Agenda.Dreams Agenda is more than an app - it's a self-coaching tool, a GPS for your success. It helps you maintain your focus while stimulating thinking and introspection.Writing down your dream gives you a record of your hopes and aspirations. Starting today, write and grow your dreams with the seven modules of Dreams Agenda:I WISH!Wishes are far more stronger when they are written. So take your time and write down everything you dream to achieve.I AM INSPIRED!We are daily surrounded by ideas that the Universe gives us. Gather them, put all together using the second module of the Dreams Agenda.I AM!Define the kind of person you should be in order to have what you dream. To have it's about to do & to be in some particular way.CHECK!Use impactful representations for your goals, growing your chances to reach them.I PROMISE MYSELF!We all need sometimes that slight motivation to make us act. Set your `opportunity clock` any time you need a boost of confidence or a kind word.THANK YOU!Show your appreciation for the people around you and watch amazing things happening. Fulfillment is the fuel on your journey towards your dream.I TAKE ACTION!To manifest your wishes it's needed to take action! It is crucial to visualize in great details and act in line with tne natural laws of the Univers. Stop procrastinating and set your daily habits that will transform your aspirations into reality.Inspired by the dreams panel, Dreams Agenda is an app that takes this concept to the next level, and puts it into your pocket. Even if you're in traffic, home or at the office it is now easy to stay commited and fully focused on your dreams!Dreams Agenda is a tool created by two John Maxwell Team members that are commited and passionate about personal and professional development. Using a tested technique that is adopted by the most successful persons, the team created a very useful app, which is designed for people who are interested in their development.Because, as you imagine the future , so it will be!Write down your dreams & grow rich!Check out more about Dreams Agenda on https://www.dreamsagenda.com/
License Free
Version 1.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.