Continuous audio streaming of the Korean Christian Broadcasting System radio broadcasts featuring inspirational Christian news, commentary, sermons, dramas and music in Korean. Chicago Christian Broadcasting is a gospel broadcasting program for 200,000 Koreans living in Chicago and is committed to serving Christians as a guide to immigrant life by preaching the gospel to Christians. It also means that God's broadcasting of the gospel using the most advanced digital system should go ahead of general broadcasting. Christian broadcasting, which has been steadily sowing the seeds of the gospel for 30 years, will do its best to spread the gospel and Christian culture through improved and effective methods in accordance with the current trend of the 21st century. Our Christian broadcasts provide useful information and life wisdom for faith maturity by conveying the Lord's word to maintain life in abundance and various perspectives including missions, news reports, current affairs, information corners, and always living with the Lord . In addition, we are praying for the gospel of God to be heard in the hearing loss area. We also organize a support group to promote broadcasting in all regions of the Americas, and encourage local churches and pastors to participate in broadcasting and exchange them. The Chicago Christian Broadcast program, which produces almost all of its programs locally, has a variety of programs, including speeches and praises from Korean churches, North American churches, and pastors in Chicago. In the weekly schedule that is well harmonized with the words of life and gracious praise, the time of meditation, the fountain of praise, the Bible drama produced in Korea, the fastest and most accurate domestic and foreign news and domestic diplomatic guidance, There are many other programs, such as a commentary on the major issues that are being reported, a fountain with a variety of genres to introduce missions in search of mission fields, and various genres. Through this broadcast, we will serve as a guide to life information and faith for first generation immigrants. We will do our best to grow into a good American by recognizing that we are a proud Korean nation for 1.5 and 2 generation. Please pray for Christian broadcasts to spread the gospel even more than any other life through broadcasting and to send generous support.
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.