Jellyfish Wallpapers

Of all the exotic sea life, no creature quite compares to the unique, flowing form of the jellyfish!Deep in the ocean exists a plethora of exotic underwater creatures, from colorful fish to crustaceans to anemones. But one of the most beautiful sea creatures is the jellyfish - an sea animal whose umbrella-shaped top and flowing tentacles are unmatched by any other life form. Jellyfish are found in many colors, from radiant pinks to bright blue, and are often hauntingly translucent or even glow in the dark! Ranging in size from just one millimeter to over six feet, jellyfish are a fascinating part of the ocean ecosystem. Jellyfish live in all the earth's oceans and can be found in deep waters or shallow shores. Many ocean swimmers know to be on the lookout for these creatures in shallow waters, because despite their beauty they can inflict a painful or even deadly sting to humans or other animals!If you love beautiful, exotic jellyfish, you'll love these wallpapers! Choose from many images of unique, colorful jellyfish to set as your background today. You can even share your favorite sea-life wallpapers with friends!
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