Being happy often means continually finding satisfaction, contentment, a feeling of joy, and a sense that your life is meaningful during all kinds of problems that does not depend upon finding ease or comfort.Some studies reveal that happiness has little to do with comfort or possessions so what is it about? A sense of well being/happiness is good for your health, so what can we do to have that?Read on tolearn how to be happier.The ability to choose is very important for happiness. In one study, participants either chose their own positive activity or had one assigned to them. The participants who chose their own activity and regularly participated in it were happier than participants who werent allowed to choose their own. If you feel like your life is restricting your choices, try to find ways to incorporate more freedom in your lifeMay this app inspire and serve as your guide and inspiration in reaching and experiencing genuine happiness! Never look for happiness anywhere else. Instead, look inside yourself and in there, surely, you will find that one thing that you have long been searching for!This app contains:-Step by step guide that teaches you what happiness is all about and how to attain it. This app covers topics such as the necessary mindset required for happiness, core values and visualization process, forgiveness, compassion, spirituality, exercise and nutrition and also offers a action plan to happiness.-Audio files - about happiness but also 2 hypnotherapy sessions about Joy and Euphoria.These files have been included inside the app so they can be listened to without the need for a internet connection and that is the reason why the size of the app is slightly higher.-The Happiness Podcast-Happiness Articles & Videos-Happiness Abundance ebook-Happiness Quotes Gallery-Positive Psychology articles-Personal development articles-Many other small surprisesReal happiness is achievable. You now have the tools literally at your fingertips.Time to take action!
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