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Chaturanga Astrology is your direct, personal and fully confidential chatwith professional vedic astrologers. Our astrologers will help you and giveastrology horoscope advice and future prediction based on your natal chart or numerology chart.If you don't believe in coincidences and sometimes wish to have a compassfor life navigation, Chaturanga is here to advise you, whether yourquestion is specific or strategic.Just share your birth data and ask the question. It will be forwarded toour team of astrologers, who will make your natal chart and based on thischart will do the horoscope reading for you.We use an ancient Vedic astrology called Jyotish with different additionalastrological techniques, such as numerology, horary birth chart. Instead of sun zodiac sign like Western AstrologyJyotish is based on moon zodiac sign and ascendant, though they havesimilar names: aries, aquarius, cancer, capricorn, gemini, libra, leo,virgo, pisces, scorpio, sagittarius, taurus.What to ask your personal astrologer?We all are different and unique. Our zodiac sign, positions of planets andother celestial objects affect all aspects of our lives every second, soyou can ask anything you want. We recommend focusing on following key points:1. Personal relationship astrology advice (Love Compatibility option). You can ask our astrologersabout love compatibility match, relationships with family members, about currentand future relationship with lovers, friends, partners. Our astrologerswill provide you with a prediction based on your natal chart andnatal chart of the other person you are interested in directly in appschat. If you would like to have a more deep horoscope analysis regardinglove&marriage match you can use Love Compatibility Report from main menu and getastrological reading and personal astrology advice including generaloverview, positives, negatives andrecommendations. It's not a standard love compatibility match between zodiac signs, that you can check for free in any astrology site, you'll got a deep personal reading about your relationship and full natal chart match.2. You can ask for astrology advice regarding the best places to live basedon your horoscope reading and planetary transits. Its most important to understandplanets influence before moving to another countries and travelling.3. Career/business/finance related astrology advice. Our astrologers willprovide favourable periods and recommendations according to your personalnatal chart, in case of unfavourable planetary transits we can provide someremedies to decrease the influence of planets.5. You can request monthly, weekly, daily horoscopes and other periodicalpredictions and horoscope reading for your zodiac sign.Above aspects are the root and every day our customers ask hundreds ofsmaller questions, such as:- What kind of business suits me the best?- What zodiac sign suites me the best?- Please provide me horoscope reading and describe my relationships in future withfamily and partner.- Im nervous about important negotiations next week. Should i go for thedeal and how can I prepare? - Please tell me about my love compatibility with my boyfriend - What is my horoscope reading for next month?Today society advocates the everything is possible philosophy. And itstrue there are plenty of opportunities around, we can do everything andgo everywhere. But does it really make us happy? Astrology connects us withour essential design, lets us understand our natural strengths and talentsand find where or how they may be most appreciated. If we feel harmony wemove along the lifes path with happiness.Enjoy your fate!
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