Youre unique in terms of who you are, where youre at today and what your most impactful growth areas are.Whatever your journey, Triumph Mastery can help get you there by focusing on the following two fundamental life processes:1. SELF-AWARENESSWhy? Because its the key to everything ranging from Learning to Leadership.Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can.- Harvard Business Review, Jan, 2018We must acknowledge the value of self-awareness as an important precursor to learning effectiveness.- New England Journal of Higher Education, Aug 20142. SELF-MASTERYWhy? Because thats where we bridge the gap between theory and practice.Attainment of [self-mastery] by the students should be the end in mind of education.- Dean Eduardo Morato Jr, Asian Institute of ManagementHow exactly do we achieve this? By leveraging our Self Intelligence framework.SELF INTELLIGENCETriumph Mastery is based on our Yoga-Inspired framework called Self Intelligence which gets to the heart of the matter: Knowing your true authentic self and living in accordance with it. And you might be asking Now why is knowing your true authentic self important? Well, does the same workout routine, profession or even the clothes of your closest friends fit you perfectly? Most likely not. This means personal development and self-actualization call for a very personalized approach as we believe authenticity lies at the heart of both happiness as well as success.The Self Intelligence framework lists 21 dimensions necessary to live a joyous and fulfilling life no matter what life throws at you. Examples include Inclusivity, Simplicity, Abundance Attitude, Being Present, Excellence, Freedom, and so on. Triumph Mastery uses the Inner Insight Assessmenta tool from our Self Intelligence frameworkto quickly assess which of these dimensions is the ideal focus area for you and then customizes your app experience based on that.DOES SELF INTELLIGENCE WORK?The workshop was immensely helpful for me. I left the event with a sense of crystallized core values, a greater sense of self-awareness and, most importantly, a game plan to improve myself based on those values. I'd highly recommend this workshop to anyone.- Dakota Shane, Columnist, Top Writer on Medium, Co-Founder of Arctiphi"I was intrigued about this new approach. In relating to past and present relationships, I had the insight to focus on what I needed to work on and what my future needed. The technique was thought-provoking, but very systematic and authentic."- Magdy Rizk, Professor/Associate Chair, California State University, NorthridgeFEATURESTriumph Mastery is designed to make your practice effective whether you spend 6-8 minutes a day or 20. Youre free to go as deepor notas youd like.- Personalization for your optimal growth areas- Guided Breathing Meditation- Mood Tracking- Checklists- Targeted Self-Reflection Prompts- Progress Tracking- Charts- Free-form JournalingBENEFITS OF TRIUMPH MASTERY- Have a better connection with your values, emotions, and goals- Improve mental clarity/help solve problems/improve overall focus- Improve insight and understanding- Track your overall development- Facilitate personal growth- Clarify your thoughts and feelings- Know yourself better- Reduce stress- Solve problems more effectively- Resolve disagreements with othersYOGA SCIENCEYogis of the past employed methods of observation, experimentation, and systematic thought in their exploration of not only the physical and natural but also our own inner world. Furthermore, the science and practice of Yoga has been continuously put to test for thousands of years and it has consistently delivered on the promise.Yoga shows us how to become full and well-balanced human beings. Weve interpreted its timeless principles into modern, actionable techniques. These techniques are what make the Self Intelligence framework.
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