Dua - Supplications

Around 100 Dua or Supplication collections with Translations and Transliteration. You can learn dua easily using this app.The place of duaa is so high to Allah, that the Prophet had said: "Nothing is more honourable to Allah the Most High than du`a." [Sahih al-Jami` no.5268].He also said: "The most excellent worship is du`a." [Sahih Al-Jami` no. 1133];Allah is the Glorious and the Mighty, the answerer of every person in need and every person with a request. Indeed Allah is free of all wants, and He is answerable to non. We have no other god, but Him, whilst He has many servants other than us. Indeed Allah has revealed:"O mankind! It is you who stand in need of Allah, but Allah is Rich (Free of all wants and needs), Worthy of All Praise." [Qur'an 35:15]Human beings cannot remain happy forever. There are certain times when nature decides to test our patience and leaves us bewildered and perplexed. This is the time when Muslims take advantage of their faith and seek the help of Almighty Allah.As Muslims our believe rests in the fact that whatever is happening in our life is with the Will of Allah. Good and bad times are from Allah and Muslims should exhibit the best of their faith in both the cases. The power of Dua is so high, if made wholeheartedly, with sincerity, and believe in Allah. It is been rightly referred by scholars as the weapon of a believer. From this app, you will able to learn these dua:Dua after every prayerDua after Morning PrayerDua after Zohar PrayersDua after Asr PrayerDua after Maghrib PrayerDua after Isha PrayerDua while using Khaak-e-ShifaWhile Eating Khaak-e-ShifaWhile Building New HouseWhile Leaving House For Special Work/Object/PurposeWhile salvation of worldly and spiritual tasks at the time of leaving houseAt the time of wearing JewelsWhenever one sits in gatheringWhile on hill or on great heightFor avoiding bad omens for travellerBefore starting journeyFor talisman to be keep by travellerFor a travellers familyWhen anyone loses wayAt the time of visiting a dangerous placeAt the time of arrival in new placeFor safety from robbersDua and prayer at the time of storm in the seaFor safety from drowningFor preservation of faithFor true belief for ones familyFor offering thanks for the bounties bestowed by AllahFor limitless heavenly rewardDua for reward of paradiseFor Here AfterDua for all Night IbadatFor Sawab of whole Night IbadatFor protection from HellFor safety from enemyFor protection of self and wealthFor recovery of misplaced or lost thingFor Scorpion BiteFor release from PrisonFor avoiding bad thoughts and temptationDua for avoiding temptation & greedDua for avoiding bad dreamsDua for not getting afraid in sleepFor marriage proposalFor love (Wife & Husband)For ObedienceFor getting a childFor easy and safe delivery of childFor avoiding early deaths of childrenDua for Aqiqa of childAt the time of CircumcisionFor increase of breast milkFor wealth & prosperityFor increase of SustenanceFor Disbursement of DebtsFor removal of Poverty and WorriesFor removing WorriesFor Warding off CalamitiesDua for safeguard from Drowning / BurningDo after every prayerDua and prayers for getting a childDua for getting a childDua for getting a childDua for Safety of PregnancyDua for Safety of Pregnancy and Avoiding AbortionDua for easy delivery of childDua for excessive weeping childDua for increase in SustenanceDua for Increasing MemoryDua for Learning Quran by HeartDua for Banishing the Effect of Black MagicDua for Protection from Satan and EnchantmentDua for Repelling Devil and Dispelling MagicDua for security against Witch CraftDua for cure of all DiseasesDua for all Diseases and for all PurposesDua for Cure from All DiseasesDua for Increase in BusinessDua to be Recited when one sets in his ShopDua at the Time of PurchaseDua for all purposesTo be recited at the Time of DeathWhile Entering the Graveyard
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