Bandhani Saree Face Changer

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile decorated by plucking the Saree with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a figurative design. The term bandhani is derived from the Sanskrit verbal root bandhJhankaar Bandhani Bandhani type that is very colorful and vibrant, and has extremely fine, patterns. Jhankaar Bandhani doesnt have light or white colored dots, present in other Bandhani styles. For example an all green Jhankaar Bandhani will have red or maroon dots.BorJaal Used mostly for Wedding Bandhani Sarees. This highly intricate and fuller Bandhani, as the name suggests (jaal or web), is quite popular among Marwari communities. Sarees with BorJaal Bandhani have a striking inter-play of colors and dots, creating an amazing maze. They are available in many colors, and are also made in georgettes.Color Discharge Bandhani Typically, Bandhani is created by using darker colors over lighter ones. However, in the colour discharge technique, this effect is reversed - lighter colors are visible over darker colored dot patterns. In such a Bandhej, you will see deep red dots on a pale yellow base. Striking! This is achieved by discharging darker hues.Flying Bandhani dupattas with all their vivid detail and color, standing out strikingly amidst paler backdrops have been used, ever since the advent of colored films, by the Bollywood film-makers - to convey various emotions.The Hindi film industry as well as the Indian television industry has played an important role in popularizing Bandhani craft, across India and the world. Gujarati serials, films and movies with Rajasthani/ Gujarati background have also effectively showcased Bandhej craft.Since this is a vibrant craft, Bandhani finished products lend an amazing brightness on-screen. Bandhani sarees look spectacular, and cinematic nuances of cameras can pick splendid details of this lovely art. Celebrities, both Indian and international, have been spotted flaunting Bandhani.This App has large collection of Bandhani SareesSelect a Saree, select your photo from gallery, adjust your face and save. Done!This app received immense response from all the Cross Sections of Community.This app also doubles up as face changer, face swap, dress up app keep updating for more Saree and fun!
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