MoonWorx lunar calendar

MoonWorx lunar calendar with widget and biorhythm!A "tear-off calendar" as app. The calendar calculates moon phases until December 2025. But it can do much more!Functions:- Daily view General:exact times of full moon, new moon, sign entry, sign change, void of course, moonrise and moonset as well as sunrise and sunsetretrograde Mercuryascending/descending moonText about the daily quality for all 48 combinations of moon phase and zodiac signBrowse function to quickly switch between day viewsDate selection for any day in the supported periodPDF export of the day view- day tips7 main categories (household, garden, nutrition, personal care, hair care, health, DIY)84 subcategories- daily characteristicsElement (fire, earth, water, air)Quality (heat, cold, water, light)Plants (roots, flowers, fruits, leaves)Nutrition (fat/oil, carbohydrates, protein, salt)body regions (according to the zodiac) with alternative care tips and yoga exercises- biorhythmcreate unlimited biorhythms individually for any date of birthcomparison of two biorhythmsPrimary curves: body, mind, soulSecondary curves: Aesthetics, Awareness, Spiritual, IntuitionCalculation as sinusoidal curve or according to Paungger and PoppeAverage curveExport/Share as picture- Month view/Searchmonthly view of the moon phases and signs of the zodiacexact times of the sign change and the moon phases (half moon, full moon and new moon)Calculation/search of very good, good and badly suitable days for the 84 categories/activitiesExport of appointments to the calendarPossibility of date selection to switch between month viewsCalculation of the retrograde MercuryOthercalculation according to tropical or sidereal zodiac or according to Maria Thunadditional information about the moon, biorhythm, moon phases, void of course, zodiac signs, elements, and retrograde Mercurybright or dark color scheme selectableColours individually adjustablemanual for the appMultilingual: German and English
Price USD 2.24
License Purchase
Version 3.2.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up