In everyday life, even though I shampoo and toothpaste, toilet paper, etc., going to buy them, or would not still considered safe. After all, experience in a hurry and ran out to buy I have missed or will not buy. This app was born from such experience. If you register what you're thinking of buying the book beg, you will see a cat management.[Can be]* Register (items) will be shopping products, to help prevent forgot to buy. You can also use the microphone audio input when the input product name.- As additional information, you can add a check mark important items and fill in notes at the time of registration. Note, including the details of items to fill in, check important, please check, etc. If you do not want to forget, especially to buy.- By From the Edit menu to update the expiration date of items already purchased, that again, it is possible to be managed.[Concept]Design, such as NotepadI tried to the atmosphere, such as open or the length of a note of the design screen. Look like that minus the marker to the management group personally I like it.* The simpleResults made it clear that you can, you manage the items to be purchased in a simple operation. I think I have multi-functional app, to check every day and is not it best just in about this.I selected [to]* Focus on simplicityI think rather than complex operations, those who like to say and I guess it's just a clear application in multi-functional features simple operation.* Do not want to spend much timeThe operation is simple, just press the button to select an item. We believe you can do so in a few seconds-confirmation, to spend valuable time and for any.About the permit;To view the ad, please acknowledge the following items.* INTERNET* ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE* READ_PHONE_STATE
Operating System Android