Location-aware zmanim (Jewish prayer times, Holiday start/end). User-defined alerts for any zman, up to one hour in advance!Includes:* 90+ different zmanim, including GR'A & MG'A-click to select* Notification if unable to determine location & help turning on sources* Manual selection of location & time zoneConfigurable Alarms prior to zmanim. Go to Preferences and choose which Zmanim and how soon (zero to 60 minutes before). Choose the tone (if any)to play when a notification is displayed. Go to Preferences, and select 'Notification Sound'.Permissions:* Receive Boot Completed: Needed to start the alerts.* Vibrate: Allow alerts to vibrate the phone.* Wake Lock: Necessary to be able to compute the next alarm.Log enhancements: https://zmanim.myjetbrains.com or just email: zmanim.apps@gmail.com
Operating System Android