If you love wild canines, you'll love the wolf wallpapers in this unique collection!Wolves in the wild are amazing canines! Forget the image of a lone wolf howling at the moon - wolves are not solitary creatures, but are actually highly social and live in family groups called packs. These wild dogs are excellent hunters, taking down large prey such as deer, elk or even a moose! The wallpapers in this app highlight the beauty and wildness of these undomesticated canines. Most of the images feature various subspecies grey wolves, the most common type of wolf, whose fur comes in a range of colors from grey to white to reddish tan. These backgrounds capture the spirit of wolves in many ways, from a close look into a wolf's wild eyes to an action shot of a wolf howling into the open sky.Show your admiration for wolves with wallpapers that celebrate the power and beauty of these wild animals!
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