Keep it simple with sleek white wallpapers!White wallpapers are the perfect way to make sure that your apps stand out! Busy colorful backgrounds take away from the truly important part of your device - the apps you use to organize and live your life! But never fear, having a simple colorless background doesn't have to be boring! These modern backgrounds feature cool, unique patterns and textures that will make an interesting yet simple visual background for your device.In this app you will find wallpapers in varying shades of white, from cream to a hint of grey, but don't worry about seeing any cheesy rainbow colors here! Blue is great for the sky, and green works well for grass, but technology looks best in its natural color: pure white.White is the color of purity and innocence, invoking a sense of simplicity and calm. Whether white reminds you of a gentle winter snowfall or puffy clouds in a sunny sky, you'll find peaceful wallpapers to love! Colorful wallpapers can trigger or evoke emotions, such as red and anger, yellow and anxiety, or purple and creativity. White creates a neutral emotional space where you can simply be yourself!Stay classy with white wallpapers that dress up your device with simplicity and sophistication!
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