White Noise Night Light

White Noise Night Light contains a white noise machine and night light to help you sleep at night. White Noise Night Light has multiple white noise sounds that help you fall asleep quickly and the night light gives you the perfect amount of light to add a little safety and comfort to your room. Here are the features of White Noise Night Light:WHITE NOISE MACHINEThe white noise machine generates six continuous loop, high quality, soothing white noise sounds, including:- White Noise- Brown Noise- Pink Noise- Raindrops- Waves Crashing- Crickets ChirpingThe white noise machine comes with a sleep timer that allows you to turn off the white noise machine independent of the night light. The sound will continue to play even if you shut off your screen.NIGHT LIGHTTurn your phone screen into any imaginable color with the night light. Night light options include the ability to rotate between various colors and also to include a digital clock on the night light screen. The night light's sleep timer allows you to turn the night light on and off independent of the white noise machine.
Operating System Android