Mars, the sports planet, is fiery in nature and is the indicator of physical and mental energy. It rules over physical strength, courage, determination, leadership qualities etc., and his placement in your birth chart indicates the amount of energy that you own and it's utility. If it is placed badly, it can make you violent or can cause burns, bruises or physical harm.Offering your prayers to Mars during Mars hora, on Tuesdays or any auspicious day will help you receive His blessings and to overcome negative influences. This planet can trigger your feelings, passions and can also make you devoid of suitable manners or social skills.This pooja and Mantra app was developed to help you connect with Mars and to receive His grace. Start offering your pooja by listening to the Mars mantras from the 3 selected ones. This will help in reducing the adverse influence of Mars and can also keep you active and vibrantBenefits of chanting mars pooja:- To win over enemies- To buy property- To get good health and vitality- To become brave- To have a good relationship with SiblingsChanting this mantra on Mars Hora, 6th Moon, Tuesdays is very auspicious
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