Fajr Alarm Ringtone MP3

This is an alarm ringtone App to help all muslims wake-up for salatus subh. To set a track as an alarm just tap and hold on it for options.If you like my Fajr alarm ringtone App please consider leaving a positive review and/or rating for it in the store.You can share this App via your favorite social media as well.Apart from Fajr Alarm ringtone, other islamic Apps like Complete Holy Quran, Juz Amma mp3, Quran translations in many languages and other Adhan ringtones are all available in my catalog.Many more alarm and azan ringtones are yet to come in shaa Allahu.If you have any suggestion or opinion about this App, feel free to send me a direct message using the developer email provided. I will be glad to read from you.Thank you very much!
License Free
Version 3
Operating System Android