Bridge Church Redmond OR

Everyday life is busy. And as a result, our spiritual lives are often neglected. But that doesn't have to be the case. Get ready to receive customized biblical content based on your unique spiritual needs, designed specifically to move you closer to Jesus on a daily basis.Do you want answers to life's tough questions? Do you want to hear from God? Great! The #1 way that God communicates with people is through the Bible!Nothing is more important than spending time getting to know God in a personal way. God desires a relationship, in fact, we were made for a relationship with God. When this relationship is not what it should be, everything else suffers.Providing a personalized experience with the Bible, we'll deliver meaningful content directly to you, exactly when you need it. Each message is designed to help strengthen and encourage you by taking an honest look at what the Bible says and how applying it moves you closer to Christ.Get started today!
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