Bible for Children. Bible Stories

Children's Bible is a totally free application.We have created an app for the little ones in the house to know the passages of the holy bible in a way that is easy for them to understand, adapted to their age.Teach Catholic values to the little ones with these fun videos, with adorable illustrations. Children will learn and enjoy at the same time. This children's Bible is very enriching. It will be the beginning of a love for the Word of God for all life. Discover all the passages of the Bible through fun illustrations:- The creation of the world- The first sin- Noah and the Flood- God calls Abraham- Jose is sold as a slave- Joseph ascends to power- The birth of Moses and the burning bush- Pests and Easter- The division of the Red Sea and the Ten Commandments- Samson- Ruth- God calls Samuel- David and Goliat- Elijah- Daniel and the lions' den- Jesus birth- Jesus is baptized- Jesus is tempted- The Sermon on the Mount- Jesus heals a paralytic man- Jesus casts out evil spirits- Jesus heals a girl- Jesus feeds the 5000- The parable of the prodigal son- The donkey and the King- The Last Supper- Jesus is arrested- The cross- The empty tomb- Jesus returns to heaven- The Holy Spirit is coming- Paul knows Jesus- The visions of Peter and Cornelius- Paul's trips and his tests- The new heaven and the new earthIf you have young children who want to give a good Catholic education, you can not miss this application!
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