Official Coins United Kingdom (Governmental)

Official Coins United Kingdom (Governmental) collects all the coins of United Kingdom from all over history.The only official application reviewed with official organizations and with all the information of the piecesIt is the first virtual catalog to be able to take your collection on your mobile device or tablet.It includes all the data of the coins sold in United Kingdom and Ireland from 170 to the present time.The application is completely autonomous. No internet connection is required to use.The application allows you to control the coins you have, you can count the coins you have and their value.Look for years (1, 5, 10, 25 50, 75).You can search by themes.Look for series.Look for free text.Look for different filters:Emission, Format, Print, Score, Theme, Series, Year. Currency, Weight...Multi - language application (English)Search the map and points of interest for Coins and Numismatics Places of Interest (Shops, Exchange Sites, Museums).Possibility to send your friends the coin found through your messaging programs.Whithout ads.
Operating System Android