(App in English / Francais / Deutsch)If you like wine, you might also want to describe your tasting experience with the appropriate words. However, it is not that easy to find the suitable terms to characterize a wine. In his book "Weine degustieren - leicht und spielend", Kurt Gibel put an end to this lack for words (the book has sold about 85,000 copies until 2010).This best-selling work is now available as an Android App.- A guided, systematic sequence of all wine tasting steps, with additional tips for proper tasting.- Explanations to the 120 essential tasting terms, and over 120 fragrances.- Indications as to which characteristics or fragrances are typical for which wines.You will learn the tasting terms in a playful way; soon you will be able to say off the top of your head which wines smell of, e.g., raspberries or honey.Different Apps are available in the VinoMobile series. No frills, just the essential facts on wine.
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