Lipstick Color Trends 2018

Lipstick is a cosmetic commonly used by women to enhance the look beautiful with the application on the lips that make the display volume, color, and different textures on the lips. In addition to having a wide range of colors, lipstick also has many types, namely based on the shape and composition of the material.RedRed becomes the basic lipstick palette color that almost all women have. Moreover, red lipstick is also suitable worn at all occasions. If you more often choose red lipstick, you can say personality that is confident, sure, and firm.OrangeThe woman who likes to decorate her lips in orange is like a half-filled glass. They are ready to fill the glass with a unique and classic side as well.Pink and PurpleIn addition to red, pink lipstick is also often collected women. If you are one of them, you are portrayed to be both empathetic and ambitious at the same time.ChocolateBrown lipstick and taupe are not selected all women. But the two colors are popular again after often worn Kylie Jenner lately. You are also pleased with the color is expected to be independent and reliable figure.
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