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eMobi is a family & group organizer with GPS Locator Chat To Do List, facilitates information and coordination .The information is restricted and protected within the groupGPS Locator Tracker Geofense for your family or group- View group's location on a map ( Locator GPS ), it is accessible only by authorized users- View battery level of each member- View location history by day and by member with the possibility of reconstructing the journey step by step- Choose what can see each member of the group- Share a list of tasks / purchases and edit it collaboratively- Receive alerts when a group member arrives at a place (geofence), parks and / or leaves the geofence.Geofences are configurable, they can be defined to mark an especific place like work, school, library .- Track a lost or stolen phone- Login with Google, Facebook or email/passwordList of events in chronological form of entrances, exits and parkings in geofences and other eventsPrivate group chat for users,It works as a to-do list / shopping list , items can be checked or uncheked and arranged automatically in order to follow progressYou can add or remove group members, there are three member categories:Group Owner:Creates group and invites other members through an alphanumeric code.Can delete members at any time or change their category.Have access to all functions.See location of all members.User:Have access to all functions.See location of all members.Maid:Reports location, do not have access to any other member location.Only have access to to-do list / shopping list.Child:Reports location, do not have access to any other member location.Have no accessto any other funtion.Premium Account, a plan that brings incredible features for a small monthly charge. You can even try it for free for 7 days if you wish.Premium Account includes:- Unlimited geofenses- No advertisements.- Two weeks of position history.- Two weeks of events history.- More items in to-do / shopping list.Get support and news:Give us a like in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emobifamily/Follow us in Twitter: https://twitter.com/emobiappWatch our tutorials in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF_74GiRxr4UMV1PMkcPPhQGoogle +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101535115355331395918Email: emobi.com.ar@gmail.comWebpage: http://www.emobi.com.arGPS Locator Chat To Do List
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