If you have an electronic cigarette, this is the app for you!THE MOST COMPLETE APP ON ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY STOREKeep track day to day of your savings and progress of your health and uses advanced and innovative tools for the E-Liquid and the battery of our beloved E-Cig.You can also share everything you want on every Social Network installed on your device!Features:General- Italian and English languages- Easy to use, but with a lot of functions and information- Super-customizable Widget- Movable on SD card- Unlimited use of the TOOLS functionsTAB DIARY- Days without smoking- Avoided Cigarettes (in real-time)- Advanced Management of savings and costs- Gained Days of Life- Avoided Radiographs- Daily Nicotine- Assumed Values (Nicotine, tar and CO)- Curiosity- HarmeterTAB TOOLS- Advanced Calculator for creating E-Liquid, the ONLY ONE that allows you to vary in total freedom the desired quantity of PG and VG and that in the case of unlikely or impossible combinations will inform you of the issues and how to solve them. It also allows the calculation of the estimate costs of the necessary components for the realization of each E-Liquid you want to create.- Mixer: Allows you to mix up to 3 different E-Liquids.- Cookbook: Manage the ingredients and creates fantastic E-Liquid recipes to carry with you. You can also use them in the integrated calculator, in the advanced one or still in the mixer, but also you can share it with whoever you want with your favorite social network (including WhatsApp or similar).- Meter: Easily calculates voltage, resistance, current, and power of your E-Cig, or do crossed calculations, to test or discover the potential of the E-Cig system that you have or you want to create.- Battery: In this section you can calculate any inherent value of the battery, from the duration of continuous or actual use, to the number of puffs that you can do before that completely discharges.- Meter E-Liquid: Do you have a bottle with some liquid but you don't know how many ml are there? With the Meter you can find out this, how many refills you can do, and how soon it will end!- Guides from the best sites and forums on electronic cigarettes.TAB FAST- E-Liquid Nicotine Mix: instantly calculates the nicotine resulting from the mix of 2 E-LiquidTAB LINK- Links to forums and electronic cigarette shops (contact me if you want to be added)NB: Since there are not yet detailed studies on actual absorption of nicotine in E-Cig, the calculations concerning this aspect are approximal and statistical and not to be construed as "medical opinion".This is true of every other calculator like this.----------Permissions:(Application)- WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: necessary in order to be able to perform the backup/restore- CHECK_LICENSE: necessary to verify that the app was regularly purchased
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