Know Your Future With or Without Date of Birth by KP-METHOD Applied to VEDIC ASTROLOGY.In KP Method :In KP Method of Astrology, there is no need of Time or Date of Birth, only you need to provide one no between (0 to 249) and one Question related to that number. KP method is helpful to those who does not know their Date of Birth.In Palmistry :In Palmistry General Prediction can be done accurately but event happening time needs a precise calculation.In Numerology :In Numerology you can know your Lucky Numbers,Lucky Planets,Lucky Days, Lucky Stones and compatibility in love with someone by their Names,Lucky Name for your Business, Lucky Person for you etc.About Astrologer :I am basically an Engineer but Astrology is my passion. I have studied Astrology parallel to Engineering and found that only Mathematician, Engineer or any one related to Science can be a accurate Astrologer, Because Astrology needs a lots of Mathematical Calculation and understanding of planets. The understanding level of an Astrologer should be high enough for accurate prediction.Vision & Mission :My aim is to provide higher level and accurate prediction Technically and Scientifically for the satisfaction of the person.THANKS!I am a Krishnamurti Paddati shortly known as KP Paddati Astrologer.I have studied a lot of methods of predicting the future and found that KP Astrology method is the most accurate of all. Accuracy of Vedic Astrology methods mainly depends on the accurate Time of Birth provided. But generally people do not provide their accurate Time of Birth, that's why the accurate happening time wise prediction depends on the intelligence of the Astrologer.Generally in Vedic Astrology prediction differs by the happening of time because of the difference in the Time of Birth provided. It is also sure that the event will happen, If not today but tomorrow or after some days. An intelligent Astrologer can know the exact Time of Birth by asking some Questions to the person concerned.
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