Codex Gigas

This is a book composed of 629 pages.The first page has two Hebrew alphabets. There are also added slips with Church Slavic and Glagolitic alphabets. About half of the codex(f. 1-118) consists of the entire Latin Bible in the Vulgate version.They are in the order: Genesis-Ruth; Isaiah-Daniel; Hosea-Malachi; Job; Samuel and Kings; Psalms-Song of Solomon; Wisdom of Solomon; Wisdom of Jesus; Esdras; Tobit; Judith; Esther; and Maccabees.Updates Coming soon!Thank you a lot friend! i Hope you like it!Some words, devil, book, diablerie, evil, ghosting, blue, hell, horn, Sly, New, Larry, atlas, booking, books, Edda, grimoire, legendary, lore, Necronomicon, Webster, Ali Baba, Arthurian, Belial, Benet, Bierce, brief, Canfield, character, charm, charmed, cinematograph, demonology, deuce, eager, elixir, enchantress, fairy tale, fairytale, fantasy, felt-tip pen, felt-tipped pen, felt tip, flagitious, codex gigas
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