hueDynamic for Philips Hue

hueDynamic brings your Philips Hue system to life with DISCO, Screen/Camera sync, Child lock and more!Feel energized or relaxed with professionally designed experiences combining light and sound. Over 40 mixable and dynamic scenes with simple room and lighting group control, such as mountain chill, fireplace, jungle night, fire and ice, rainforest, fireworks and many more!Have the ultimate party with multiple advanced sound to light disco modes. Adjust strobe, intensity, hue and more!Camera support and Screen Sync means you can point your device at your TV or use device Screen Grabbing to sync your lights to your viewing for a truly immersive experience! Movie night has never been so good. Enjoy an advanced sampling mode - predominant multicolored with adjustable smoothing. Speed and brightness control is also supported.Transparent multiple bridge support (included for FREE) allows you to control all your lights across multiple bridges without having to switch between them.Create your own custom photo ambiences and enhance the colors with our "Tweaks!". Photo ambiences are stored on the Philips Hue bridge with our OmniScene technology, meaning you don't have to recreate the ambience for different rooms. Not only that, they are accessible from all your devices running hueDynamic.Ever come home to have all your Hue lights on 100% brightness because of even a slight power outage or "brownout"? With the hueDynamic app, this is a thing of the past thanks to our Philips Hue System Power Cut detection. With a simple click, you can enable this feature in the hueDynamic app and your Hue Bridge will be programmed to recognize when its power has been disturbed. As soon as it has finished booting, it will then send commands to your lights and bulbs to switch them off for you automatically. This gives you piece of mind and saves on electricity costs.Make your Hue Tap & Dimmer devices more useful with our advanced programming interface, with much more functionality than the official Philips Hue app. Unlock features such as multiple actions per button, toggle power with one button, cycle through ambiences, enable & disable color loop, cycle through brightness levels & much more!We also love different types of hue lights, such as White Ambience, Osram and Dresden. We convert colors to appropriate color temperatures for lights that don't support color.FEATURES:Professional dynamic lighting scenes for your Philips Hue system, with stereo sound effects and music!Camera support - Have your lights match your TV in real-time!Screen Sync - Have your lights match YouTube and more!Child lock - Restrict control to specific rooms and deny bridge programmingPhoto Ambience - Create awesome custom ambiences from your favourite photos with "Tweaks!" and apply them to any room!Once you've gone PRO - NO in-app purchases for extra experiences or advanced features!Power cut detection. Turns lights off after a power cut automatically.Advanced Dimmer programmingAdvanced sound to light DISCO modes (peak and spectrum) - Adjust response hue, strobe and much more!Temperature dashboard. View the room temperature for anywhere that you have a Hue Motion Sensor.Virtual Push-Link button. Add apps to the Philips Hue bridge without having to physically press the button.Easily link Ikea and other third-party bulbs with the TouchLink button built into the app.Set an ambience or experience to run on a timer - perfect reminder for those long showers!Real transparent multiple-bridge support. Add all your bridges and don't switch!OmniScene technology - Create ambiences and mix and use them on any lights without having to recreate them!Dynamic effects limited to 2 minutes in lite version.hue, entertainment, philips hue, disco, dynamic, camera, ambilight, scenes, lighting, smart home, effects, party
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements None