Daily Horoscope in Hindi | Dainik Rashifal

Daily Horoscope in Hindi ( | Dainik Rashifal) - A unique app analyzing Sookshma & Prana Dasas to give a time-specific forecast of your future. This app is particularly for personalized daily predictions in Hindi. Clickastro's Dainik Rashifal app will help to plan your daily activities with an awareness of 'what to do' & 'how to do'. Detailed Kundli Matching & Hindi Panchang are other main features of Daily Horoscope in Hindi. Download this app to get an insight on your daily cosmic designs, to improve the effectiveness of the day and to make the best use of opportunities. This Vedic Horoscope app can help you foresee your future events and get predictions on personality & life through Vedic Rashifal.Clickastro's Daily Horoscope in Hindi will be your personal guide to the daily life. This Daily Horoscope / Dainik Rashifal app gives accurate predictions on each Sookshma & Prana dasa period specifying its starting and ending time. Daily Horoscope in Hindi gives rashi bhavishya in your mobile. This detailed horoscope can tell you about the course of events in wealth, career, family, health, education etc. Rashi bhavishya report includes predictions and remedies also.Dainik Rashifal / Daily HoroscopeThrough detailed analysis of Sookshma & Prana dasas, Daily Horoscope in Hindi (Aaj ka rashifal) gives you valuable guidelines in advance so that you can improve your effectiveness and make the best use of your day. Dainik Rashifal app provides 'Aaj ka rashifal' or daily predictions in Hindi.Vedic Rashifal / Vedic HoroscopeThis app can generate your elaborate rashi bhavishya which will give you an insight into your life & personality in general. You can foresee your future and have an idea about the course of your life, its ups & downs through rashi bhavishya. The Vedic rashifal feature includes:Janam VivaranShubh KalBhav BhavishyaniDasa BhavishyaniKuja doshaRemediesYogasParagaman PurvanumanThe Birth details include your birth star, rashi & lagna predictions. Your starlord, rashi lord, lagna lord, ganam, yoni, animal, bird, tree, dinamana & more. This rashifal in Hindi app tells about favorable periods which reveal the right time for:Getting marriedImprovements in careerBuilding your dream homeStarting a businessThe Vedic Horoscope feature analyses your dasas & apaharas in detail and gives predictions concerning each dasa and apahara/bhukti.Position of Mars or Kuja is very important and it plays a major role in marriage/horoscope compatibility. Rashifal in Hindi app does a detailed Kuja Dosha check, analyzing the various possibilities of Kuja/Manglik dosha.Rashi bhavishya / horoscope analysis can find out the various negative influences and obstacles in life. You can check remedies to overcome these obstacles.The Yogas are the specific combinations of planets in your birth chart inducing specific influences throughout your life. Vedic rashifal lets you know details about the Yogas you have.Transit forecast is important in predicting the near future. It analyses the current position of planets and its effects with respect to their position in the birth chart.Kundli Milan/Horoscope MatchingKundli milan is very important in Hindu marriages. This feature lets you check your marriage/horoscope compatibility. Kundli matching feature includes,Birth star, rashi, guna milan checksKuja or Manglik dosha checkPapasamya comparisonDasa sandhi checkNorth Indian, East Indian, South Indian & Kerala matching methods.Hindi PanchangDaily Panchang in Hindi includes the information viz. Star, Thidhi, Karana, Nithya Yoga, Sunrise & Sunset time, Day & Night duration, Kalidina Sankhya, Rahu, Gulika & Yamakantakal, Abhijit Muhurtham etc.Personalized daily predictions by date of birth allow you to perfectly plan your future. So, why wait? Install the app now! Make your future bright.
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