Lock Screen for I.P.h.one 11

Best Lock Screen OS12 from Phone X on Play store, it make your phone look like a real Phone XLock the screen simply and quickly. You can asset the notification, control center, music control on lock screen, like a real OS 10 deviceLock screen passcode this is best lock screen OS 12 to personalize your lock screen and help you experience the latest I.O.S 12, grow on Lock screen I.O.S 11 right on your phone with iLock.Lock Screen I.O.S 12 - Phone X with OS12 launcher will help your phone lunh spiritual beauty as a Phone X.You can absolutely swap your wallpaper to make it your own, but you can also disable many of the conveniences if you'd prefer your Lock screen to be on lockdown. iLock security: Lock Screen with many types of lock screen:- iLock screen pattern- Lock screen OS password- Lockscreen Phone X keypad Features of Lock Screen OS 12 - Phone X- Simulate Phone Lock Screen style I.O.S 11- Swipe to unlock screen- Press home to unlock style OS12- Control center style with the latest I.O.S 12, iNoty style OS 12- Quick go to Camera same as iCamera- Read message and iNoty from Lock Screen- Music tab support play i music in your iLock screen- Stop the music when a call comes in- Show missed calls and messages.- Support time format 12-Hour or 24-Hour- Enjoy the Night Shift function- Lock Screen from Phone X style, and from style OS12, complete from the rounded corners to the font- Set background iLock: You can set your own personalized: Set your photos from iGallery to backgroundSetting HD wallpaper, 4K Wallpaper, I.O.S WallpaperSet best wallpaper direct from iCamera HD- Lock screen like I.O.S, simple, smooth and easy to use.- Lightweight and quickly download and installEasy to manipulate with your phone from iControl Center, check notifications on the lock screen through iNoty, control music in LockscreenNow download and enjoy this excellent with Lock Screen OS 12 for phone X! If you show it to your friends, they must be surprised with you.
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