DesCad - sundial simulator

DesCad is a simulator of sundial. It draws in real time all the hour lines of the sundial corresponding to the orientation of the smartphone or the tablet and reproduces the shadow of the style according to the current time and date. At launching, DesCad displays directly the sundial: the setup is automatic. It is then possible to modify the parameters to explore all the configurations. The following parameters are especially modifiable: - Geographical location - Date and time of the shadow - Orientation of the dial - Position et size of the style - Dimensions of the real sundial, the quantified data allow you to materialize it. - Type of hours: solar hours, legal hours - Type of diurnal arcs - Type of shadow-casterThe position / size of the style and the date / time of the shadow can be modified by gestures on the touchscreen. DesCad has therefore a great educational value for those who are interesting in sundial, from beginner to expert in gnomonic.Evolutions projected: - Export to Calcad format - Export to DXF format
Price USD 1.67
License Purchase
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None