My goal is simple. I want people to be able to rest well with sleep and to wake up rejuvenated. Too often, because of varying circumstances, we do not wake up feeling well rested. And that causes a grouchy mood, affecting both those who are fatigued and those around them, causing them to lose out a lot in life.We all want to be liked and loved by people we know. Firstly, what we should do is to eliminate all that people do not like. One can do themselves a favour by having quality sleep to improve their temper, moods, facial expressions. It is a fact that smiles attract smiles back at you. A smile is worth a million, and can be life changing in your career and the people who surround yourself with. We can make for a more peaceful world, starting with quality sleep.When we have more energy, we tend to do things in a more logical manner and will think through things, which will reduce friction in our lives.I just want to help you to get good sleep. No more frilly apps that 'may work' and or ask you to pay 'subscription fees' to get good sleep. It should be a universal right to get good sleep.If you'd like to donate to further my work and research to help the world, you can donate to me through paypal or through cryptocurrencies:Paypal : Bitcoin: 1DNbpGGKot8zk84P4tsa2z2VJPxbnwmb65Ethereum: 0xB778F7d89a554bE87117D7aF94F8D89Dff1719E8Bitcoin Cash: qzrmwnna3v9m4p8fsz4nzj0phwj30743svqjdl3tfsThe frequencies range around 9.5k to 11k Hertz for Medium, 14k to 15k Hertz for High, and 16k to 20k Hertz for Very High.The average person can hear up to around 15k Hertz, so please do not despair when you cannot hear the frequencies for the 'Very High' frequency setting.Warning: Just because you cannot hear a frequency does not mean you cannot be affected by it, therefore please do take care to never put the sounds on full volume over the earphones.Before using this app, please do remember to:1. Set the volume over speakers or earphones to 50% 2. Select any button from 1 to 9 to test the sound. (Please send me a message if there is no sound coming out)3.Once comfortable, adjust the volume.4.If you want the sound to stop, press 'Stop' to stop the sound.5. Only one sound can be played at one time.6. Get comfortable with the sounds.7.Turn off Wi-Fi and turn on the Airplane mode **Very Important!**8.Turn off the screen and go to bed.Then you will wake up feeling refreshed! This difference can be felt right after you wake up from using this app. Best results are seen when earphones are attached.
License Free
Version 1.0.6
Operating System Android