Don't give away your data for free. Make a profit! Wibson is a data marketplace that provides individuals a way to securely and anonymously sell validated private information in a trusted environment. Earn Wibson Points while helping us improve the beta app.Using Wibson is free and involves just a few simple steps:1. Install the app and connect to your data sources. These can be Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and your mobile device location. More data connections will be added soon and you can change the type of data you make available at any time. 2. Select offers for your data based on the price offered and how your data will be used. Available offers will display on the main screen of the app and you'll receive notifications to alert you of new offers.3. Once you accept an offer the data buyer will receive your data directly. Wibson never stores your data.In today's economy, data equals money. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean money for you. The Wibson data marketplace provides infrastructure and financial incentives for individuals to securely sell private information that is validated for accuracy, all without sacrificing personal privacy. We built the Wibson Alpha app to help us create the best experience for users to control and monetize their data. In this initial version, you can connect data sources, such as your Facebook account and mobile device location, monitor data requests, and sell your data in exchange for Wibson Points. During the Alpha phase, Wibson and our academic partners will be the only buyers of your data. In exchange for using the Wibson Alpha app you may earn points. These points may be able to be exchanged for tokens in the future Wibson network, but certain conditions apply. Please be sure to read the Wibson Alpha Terms of Service in the app to understand all the terms and conditions. For more information visit and check out the FAQ section.
License Free
Version 0.0.16-alpha
Operating System Android